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Your answers determine what questions you get asked later, so make sure to share information as accurately as possible.

We also use these first questions to determine if Taxd can help you complete your tax return.

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Cover all areas of your tax return

Connect with HMRC to jumpstart your tax return. And then answer your super thorough personalised questions, ensuring maximum compliance.

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Review and submit your return confidently

We show you a summary of your return and how we calculated your tax liability or refund, with full transparency.

We use Stripe to verify your identity before submission and to manage the payment process.

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Seriously, it is that easy! Your tax return is on its way to HMRC and you'll get a confirmation once it is processed.

Make sure that you pay any liabilities directly to HMRC as that cannot be done through us.
And let us know how you found the complete process. You can help us help millions of other people like you!

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A thorough tax return

We make sure that you hit all areas of your tax return, leaving nothing to chance.

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These are the very first questions we'll ask you. We need to find out your employment status for the tax year, what industries you worked in, any assets you sold, and any other income besides your wages.

Personal information

We'll need to know information about you, just as required by HMRC. That includes your name, date of birth, and your address.


Here you can add all of the employments and employers you had during the tax year. At this point, you should have documents such as a P60, P11D, or P45 ready.

You should also have your expenses spreadsheet or your bank statement ready to make sure you maximise your allowable expenses.


This tax category is similar to Employment, but it's (spoiler alert) related to your self-employed or freelance work. We'll need information about your earnings and about your expenses, and any losses you wish to bring forward from previous tax years.

It's often the case where we ask you about items or services you bought, that you never knew they were allowable expenses. This is where you can maximise your tax efficiency the most!

Credits and deductions

If you've made pension payments or are on a pension scheme, gave to charity, or have a marriage allowance, you can enter these here to help reduce your tax liability even further.


Depending on your income, you don't have to pay taxes on a certain amount of your savings. For example, basic rate taxpayers can receive up to £1,000 a year in savings income tax-free.

Here there are also some nuances in the tax law when it comes to jointly owned accounts, which we help you get right.


There are some ways we can make you even more tax efficient here, if you are renting out part of or a whole property.

You can have property income from one of three types: furnished holiday letting, residential property, or rent-a-room. Depending on the type of your property you can claim for a wide variety of expenses or bring losses from previous tax years forward, to reduce your tax liability.


There are so many benefits or allowances that you may have received in the tax year, that will affect the outcome of your Self Assessment tax return.

They can include: bereavement support, carer's allowance, employment and support allowance, incapacity benefit, state pension, child benefit, and more.


The very last category before submission covers all of the remaining details that we need to successfully file a thorough, tax-efficient return.

For example, you'll be asked about any payments on account that you made so far or any liability that you may be paying through your current tax code.

Finalise your return

You've arrived at the very last step before you go on to pay the affordable Taxd fee and submit your tax return.

Here you can view how much of a refund you're entitled to or how much you are due to pay HMRC. You can also view our calculations on how we got to this number, so there's full transparency.

If you have any questions or doubts before submitting, we're happy to give you a confidence boost by ensuring you did everything alright.

A platform you can trust

From start to finish, own your tax returns process and get the most out of your hard work.

Official: Submit directly to HMRC

Taxd was developed using the official HMRC integrations for the transfer of your tax return. So you can be sure that your tax return arrives with HMRC.

Reliable: Developed by tax and technology experts

A team of tax consultants and tax experts ensures that the current tax laws are always observed. The contents of the website are also always up to date and correct under tax law.

Taxd ensures that you maximise your tax efficiency.

Secure: Encrypted transmission of your data

Your data will always be encrypted before transmission, no matter whether to the Taxd servers or HMRC. We use the same encryption technology which is used by banks for their online services.

Your data will only be transferred to HMRC with your permission.

Stress-free: Less inquiries from HMRC

Taxd collects from you all information necessary for the preparation of your tax return. This information is automatically entered into the correct fields on your Self Assessment tax return.

Therefore, HMRC receives a correctly completed tax return and will have fewer queries.


The questions we are asked the most about Self Assessments, product, and billing, answered.

Is there a free trial available?

You can try the tax returns feature of Taxd for free, until you’re ready to submit the tax return. Only once you are about to submit your tax return will we request a payment from you.

Can I make changes to my tax return after submitting?

Yes, if you have made a mistake on your tax return you will be able to amend this through your dashboard.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not provide any refunds as once a return is submitted it is sent to HMRC and cannot be undone.

Will HMRC send me confirmation that my tax return has been received?

HMRC does not send confirmations. It usually takes 2 to 3 days for a return to be registered on their system. You can check your status by creating a personal tax account on GOV.UK.

How does billing work?

For each tax return that you submit, we will charge you a fixed fee.

You can go through the entire process for free. We will only charge you our affordable £50 when you submit your tax return.

How do I change my account email?

You can change the email address associated with your account by going to from a laptop or desktop.

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