If you're not living in the UK, you must know your residency status as this directly affects the amount of income tax you are liable for. For example, if you are living abroad with properties or investments in the UK, you are likely to be subject to UK income tax.

Arjun Kumar
Arjun Kumar
Jan 11, 2024

So stay with us as we simplify the complexities of UK income tax, and break down what it means to be a non-resident.

What is Non-Residence UK?

A non-resident is someone who doesn't live in the United Kingdom for the majority of the tax year. For example, you may live in another country for a proportion of the year and only visit the UK occasionally.

If you're an expat, either moving into the UK or leaving, you'll likely be considered a non-resident for some time. Simply put, being a non-resident means you don't live here permanently, which can have significant tax implications. Let's delve into this in more detail.

Non-resident Tax Returns

As you may know, a UK tax return is a form that some individuals need to file to inform HMRC of their income. Now, if you're a non-resident, this tax return can be a bit different. You'll report the money you earned in the UK, like rental income or investments, but not your income from other countries.

Here's why it's crucial: the UK government needs to know what you earned on their turf to calculate the right amount of tax you owe. Remember, taxes are essential for public services like healthcare and schools.

Filing a tax return might sound intimidating, but it's a way to ensure everyone pays their fair share. If you're a non-resident, it's all about reporting your UK income, nothing more. Don't let the process stress you out; Taxd is here to guide you throughout the tax return process. Taxd covers more ground than a human accountant. This way, we can help you pay the least tax possible.

What About Capital Gains Tax (CGT)?

If you make money by selling assets like property or investments, you may be liable for Capital Gains Tax. Simply put, when a UK non-resident sells a UK property, they will owe a share of the money they earned to the UK government.

The good news is that there's a tax-free allowance of £6,000 (this amount is changing to £3000 in April 2024). It means you won't pay CGT if your profit stays under this amount.

Does the Duration of UK Non-Residency Matters for Taxes?

If you're wondering how many years you've been a non-resident, it's important to know that each tax year can affect your UK income tax situation.

Here's the deal in simple terms: If you're away for only a short period, the rules might differ from someone who's been a non-resident for several years

As you spend more time away from the UK, certain tax rules will start affecting you more. So, whether it's just one year or many, the duration of your non-residency is something to keep in mind when dealing with UK income tax.

Figure out your UK residency status with our tax calculator to better understand your tax situation.

Completing A UK Self-Assessment Tax Return with Taxd

Filling out a Self-Assessment tax return can seem complicated, but Taxd is here to simplify the process.

Taxd streamlines the tax filing process, allowing you to file in as little as 30 minutes. We will assist you in calculating your tax liability, filling out the relevant paperwork, and submitting tax returns, simplifying the overall tax payment process.


If you're a non-resident, being aware of your tax obligations is crucial. From non-residency status and capital gains tax to the impact of your non-residency duration, you must understand these key areas to make informed financial decisions.

If you ever need assistance navigating the complexities of UK Income Tax, consider contacting Taxd. Our company specialises in guiding individuals like yourself through the tax maze, ensuring that you comply with the law while maximising your tax savings. Your peace of mind is our priority.


1. What is Non-Residence UK Income Tax?

Non-resident income tax refers to the tax owed by non-residents on UK-sourced income.

2. What is Capital Gains Tax (CGT), and how does it relate to non-residents?

CGT applies when you profit by selling assets like property in the UK; non-residents may owe CGT on such gains.

3. Can Taxd help me navigate UK Income Tax as a non-resident?

Yes, Taxd specialises in assisting individuals with UK Income Tax matters, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for non-residents and UK residents.

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