How is Taxd different to the HMRC online services?

Before using Taxd, we're sometimes asked, "How is Taxd different to the HMRC portal?". If you're experienced with your taxes, you could use the HMRC portal and be compliant with HMRC. But you're likely: leaving money on the table, not as tax efficient as you could be, and not up to date with the latest tax law changes.

Arjun Kumar
Arjun Kumar
Apr 4, 2023
HMRC Services

Using Taxd is as easy as a conversation

Let's face it: it's 2021 and no one wants to use clunky, outdated software. Taxd is simple and easy to use. Whenever we present you with questions on technical aspects of tax, we break down any terms or jargon for you so you can learn on the go and not get caught out by legalities. These new learnings will also help you for the following year. For example, you may realise that there were items you bought that were allowable expenses but didn't get to expense this year as you did not know. The Taxd logic and validation is more effective than an accountant, so you have peace of mind that you are compliant. You literally cannot go wrong.

We can maximise your tax efficiency

We offer the most comprehensive tax logic in the market. And we want you to make the most out of the tax system. With Taxd you can take stock of every allowance, expense, credit, relief, and deduction that is available to you. All of this while staying compliant with HMRC. Taxd is built with a dynamic tax calculation so that you understand exactly how your tax position changes with each entry, transparently.

We understand that tax is a personal matter

Among the personalised questions that we present to you, the ones on expenses are specifically tailored to what we expect you to have, based on your industry or profession and on other individuals in a similar position. What's "allowable" is different for every profession and industry, so we've got you covered.

We can offer support when you need it

Our software is pretty easy to use and you may not need us. For example, each question has a help text with additional or supporting information to the question. You don't need to wade through dozens of detailed HMRC pages to get an answer to a specific question or doubt you may have. Having said that, if you do need our help, our accountants are here for support. Or even if it's just a general chat, we're happy to be reached out.

We keep your data securely protected

Taxd and all of the details that you share with us is protected by Amazon AWS systems and infrastructure. And Taxd has been thoroughly tested to ensure your data is secured as safely as possible. For that all important credibility and validation, Taxd is recognised by HMRC as a software supplier. All of Taxd can be accessed on any browser, through our web app! So you don't need to install any software on your device. You can file your return completely online, hassle-free. And all returns are stored in your personal account and easily accessible if you need it at any time.

We're growing with you

We're integrated with HMRC. That means that whenever you link Taxd with HMRC, we automatically pull and categorise data to help you save precious time. At this time, we're also developing integrations with Open Banking and accounting software such as Xero, to further automate your processes. We're a startup. And because of this, we're developing Taxd with you in every step! Our vision is for everyone to have their own personal, digital accountant. Whether you need to submit a tax return, plan for buying a new home, or need advice on setting up your business, we're building Taxd to accompany you every step of the way.

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